Meet Dr. Ali Golshan

Dr. Ali Golshan

Dr. Ali Golshan is board certified, fellowship trained Vascular & Interventional Radiologist. He performs minimally invasive vein treatments combined with highly personalized medical care.

Having treated countless patients, he can definitively say that the time he spends simply talking with people before or after their procedures brings him the most fulfillment. It’s the opportunity to build wellness through this one-to-one human connection that makes being a physician the greatest profession on the planet.

Dr. Golshan stumbled on the field of interventional radiology under tragic circumstances. In 2002, his father died suddenly of a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. One of Dr. Golshan’s father’s physicians, an Interventional Radiologist, became Dr. Golshan’s mentor through medical school and residency, and he learned firsthand the immense impact a caring physician can have on patients and their families.

Among the most important lessons Dr. Golshan’s father taught him in life is that our time and undivided attention are two of the greatest gifts we can give another person. In his practice, Dr. Golshan does well over 1,000 vein procedures a year, but the only number that really matters to him is one, because that’s the basis of the one-to-one medical care he provides. It’s him, one doctor, taking the time to be fully present with one patient— listening, empathizing, and having an open conversation about how he can treat what’s treatable. The result? A personalized treatment plan for each patient that is driven by Dr. Golshan’s singular commitment: to help you “BE WELL”.